Payment solution
Klarna partnering with Visa, Mastercard and internet banks Swedbank, Handelsbanken, SEB and Nordea. Klarna. We accept payments in currencies and in euro and our services are available in Swedish and English.

Credit card number on the Internet
It is important to be careful with how to handle their card details. This applies to all processing of debit and credit cards: ATMs, restaurants, through receipts for business and when you use the card on the Internet. We are constantly working proactively to protect your data.

Information regarding VISA / MasterCard always sent encrypted over a secure connection. Klarna is also connected to the 3D-secure technique for heightened security. By never store sensitive information (card number) in our systems, we ensure further that your information is kept from falling into the wrong hands. We also have a variety of security controls that continuously scans and monitors everything that happens in our systems in order to offer maximum safety and security for our customers.

For increased security (eg if you lose the card) recommends Klarna that connects their card Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode, you get help with this from your bank.

Is my money safe?
Yes, the money that you owe on your Klarna account is held in a so-called trust account and follow the Law 1944: 181 on reporting agents. This means that you can never lose them eg in a bankruptcy. Learn more about client accounts here: http://www.riksdagen.se/webbnav/index.aspx?nid=3911&bet=1944:181

Legal protections for trade on the Internet
There are laws governing how to trade on the Internet to proceed.

Trade between individuals is the Sale of Goods Act applies.
Trade between businesses and individuals, it is Konsumentköplagen that apply.
Trade between the two companies is the Sale of Goods Act applies.
For purchases on the Internet Auctions terms of Distance and Doorstep Sales Act.

The above laws and guidelines complemented by its own terms if both parties have approved them. For more information on consumer law issues, see the Consumer Agency’s website.

How safe is Klarna?
Klarna uses the most secure systems available on the market and all data is sent encrypted. Card number is not stored in our systems and the latest technology from both VISA and MasterCard used for authentication. We follow the laws relating to the registration and identification on the Internet and system platform based on the same technology used by banks and government agencies. Klarna is certified by security firm Trustwave.
Safety and technology at Klarna
Klarna use the most secure payment system and together with our partners, we monitor continuously all transactions. All card transactions based on banks’ 3D Secure technology and in all agent integrations used MD5 checksums. But we are not using the most advanced technological security systems, but equally important to us and our members are the soft factors for secure online payments.